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maize milling machine,100-300 TPD maize flour milling machine

Product name:maize milling machine,100-300 TPD maize flour milling machine

Product Name: Maize milling machine,100-300 TPD maize flour milling machine

Quick Details About Maize Milling Machine:

Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)            Brand Name: Beyase  Machinery            Model Number: 6FYDT 
Production Capacity: 100-300t / 24h                    Voltage: 380V,50Hz                                   Power(W): Varied 
Dimension(L*W*H): Rational Layout                   Warranty: 1Year 
Color: Red, Green, Blue, etc                                  Type: Maize Milling Machine                    Quality: Best Desigh                
Final Product: Flour & Grits                                    Flour Extraction: Fine Flour 75-85% 

Specifications about maize milling machine:

Maize milling machine is one with the capacity to perform very well.Our maize milling machines are a mechanical process and consists of cleaning, degermination, milling and sieving sections. After each sieving, maize granules of unqualified is drawn and the residue is recycled for further grinding or milling.

This series of maize flour milling machine build up with: maize flour milling machines (e.g.: maize huller, maize polisher, germ extractor, new super fine maize grits machine etc.)

The maize milling machine has the following features:

1. It has reasonable and compact structure, sturdiness and durabillity, proper protection and nice appearance.

2. It is convenient to operate and maintain.

3. It has reliablity and sensitivity to operate because the manual spring lock system is linked with the feed control system.

4. The structure is simple, and this maize flour milling machine is easy to replace the screen cloth because the round sieve is adopted.

5. It consumes less energy and has low noise, stable and reliable functions. 

Maize Flour Milling Machine products and application :

(1) Maize flour, maize grits, maize germ, bran, etc.

(2) Puffed food,Snacks,Corn flakes,Corn beer,etc.

(3) Fodder,maize straw,Corn fermentation,etc.

The following is 100-300 tons of maize production line technology parameters:

100-120 (t/h)
150 (t/h)
200-250 (t/h)
300 (t/h)
Main products and
extraction rate
maize flour: 40-50%
maize grits: 35-40%
maize bran, coarse fodder:10-12%
Embryo: 8-10%
It can produce fine corn flour
Products quality
Sand content: ≤0.02%
Fat content: ≤2.5%
Magnetic metal content: ≤0.003%
Moisture content: ≤13.5-14.5%
300 KW
350 KW
600 KW
664 KW
Size of workshop

Maize Flour Milling Machine Picture:
Main Terms of Maize Flour Milling Machine:

1. Voltage: 380V, Frequency: 50HZ, below an elevation of 1000m.

2. Time of Shipment: 30-90 days since receipt of 30% deposit.

3. Payment terms: T/T, 30% deposit, 70%balance before shipment or L/C.

4. Installation terms: we will send technicials to take charge the  installation, test running, and training local operators.

Workshop and Transport:

Maize Milling Process and Final Products:


The maize milling machine we supply can mill maize, potato, sweet potato, bran and etc, and has the advantage of easy operation and high quality.

 We provide the maize flour milling machine in 10T--300T/24h capacity, also supply with techniques and more advanced flour milling experience with roller mill.       

Online inquriry

Customers please note: (1). Please indicate: the capacity and type of the machinery that you need when you inquiry.

(2). We will reply to you within 12 hours. (3). Welcome your inquiry.

(4). Please make sure the information you filled is accurate.

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